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1) Our Commitment to the Landlord

Sing-Guarantee will pay to the landlord all debt incurred by the tenant under the rental agreement, up to the maximum amount of the Sing-Guarantee Certificate. This gives the landlord the same value, security and function as a cash deposit.

Every Sing-Guarantee Certificate goes through a rigorous vetting process (of the tenant) before it is issued. Once approved and issued, each Sing-Guarantee Certificate is fully backed by an equivalent cash amount deposited with the largest Singapore bank (AA-rated) and managed by an independant Escrow Agent, which is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Of course, cover is provided by the Sing-Guarantee Certificate even in the event of non-payment of fees by the tenant to Sing-Guarantee.

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2) Protect your lease and stop giving discount on the rent

Your prospective tenant will always ask for a discount on the rent. Whatever the reason : "the market is soft", "prices are down", "I'm applying for a cheaper apartment", or the agent wants to close the deal whatever the rent discount...

Be clever and protect your lease by keeping the rent at the level you want by giving a strong counter-proposal: Accept and promote the Sing-Guarantee Certificate. Your tenant will immediately save 2 months rental in cash and will forget about any rent discount! That’s a smart win-win deal.


3) Enjoy our Professional Assistance

You have bought an apartment in order to prepare for your retirement, or to help your children when they enter the workforce, or you simply have made an investment. You cannot afford to have unpaid rents or any significant damage to your apartment.

As a professional service company, we know all these problems can make a landlord worry, especially when he is not able to monitor his property investment frequently. Rectifying damages, resolving disputes with Tenant amicably, litigation, etc. - the list goes on and on .....

With the Sing-Guarantee Certificate you will benefit from professional assistance from us from the very first day. Whenever you have a problem with your tenant regarding rent payment or damages, Sing-Guarantee will help you. As we are the Guarantor to the lease agreement, we have the same interest as you - that everything works well.

With Sing-Guarantee as a partner, you have the best solution to enjoy a quiet and worry-free lease !

4) A 100% reliable guarantee

Sing-Guarantee is a service company incorporated and operating in Singapore. The Sing-Guarantee Certificate is an irrevocable guarantee governed under Singapore Law. It is fully backed by the equivalent cash amount placed in an Escrow account with a AA-rated Singapore bank and managed by a reputable 3rd party Escrow Agent, to give the landlord a peace of mind. 

 A Sing-Guarantee Certificate is as secured as a cash payment... except that everything is simpler.

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5) Flexible and seamless rental management

Time is money when renting an apartment. With Sing-Guarantee, you will be able to rent it out faster as you grant your tenant substantial savings: he doesn’t have to freeze 2 months rental in cash deposit!

Moreover, Sing-Guarantee verifies the solvency of the tenant and helps you make the right choice of who your Tenant is.

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