How to Apply for Sing-Guarantee: A Step-by-Step Guide


How to Apply for Sing-Guarantee: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tenant or landlord, obtaining a Sing-Guarantee certificate will be a simple online-only process for you.

Follow the four steps in this guide, and you will be on your way to renting your dream Singapore property without freezing a chunk of your moving budget in a security rental deposit.

(For details on how Sing-Guarantee works, refer to this page.)

How to Apply for Sing-GuaranteeCertificate

1. Locate the Sing-Guarantee Website

Use your search engine of choice to find the Sing-Guarantee website. Or type in your web browser’s address bar the following URL:



2. Navigate to the Online Form

Depending on whether you are the tenant or landlord, your navigation to the online form will differ.

If you are a tenant, follow this navigation path: TENANT > Register and receive your certificate the same day.

If you are a landlord, follow this navigation path: LANDLORD > Register as a Sing-Guarantee Landlord.

Before clicking the “Register...” button, you may want to spend some time reading the benefits stated on your particular webpage.




3. Fill Out the Online Form

Next, spend a few minutes filling in the blanks of your particular form

For tenants, do the following:

  • Enter values for your AMOUNT OF DEPOSIT and EFFECTIVE DATE OF LEASE AGREEMENT. Doing so shows you the Initial Fee you would pay for the first year of your lease, and the Annual Fee you would pay each year from the first year of your lease, for a cover that lasts from 1 January to 31 December.

  • Select Yes or No to indicate whether you already have a Pre-approved certificate as your rental deposit guarantee. If you select Yes, enter your certificate number to speed up your registration process.

  • Enter details regarding the Primary Tenant into the various empty fields; add a Co-tenant if you must. (Mandatory details must be input in fields with red borders.) Then, go to the NEXT STEP.

  • Enter Lease details into the various empty fields. (Details include property information and the contracting lessor — be sure to indicate whether this person is the landlord or the property agent.) Then, go to the NEXT STEP.

    (IMPORTANT: If you have yet to find your desired property to rent, or are in the process of looking for it, you can apply for a Pre-approved certificate first; which will help you in the negotiation process with any prospective landlord/agent when you eventually locate that dream home.)

  • Upload your personal documents (NRIC/Passport, proof of income, etc.) required for our processing. Then, go to the NEXT STEP.

  • Review all the information you have entered to ensure it is correct. Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions. Then, go to the NEXT STEP.

  • Done! If nothing is wrong with your registration, you will be advised via email and SMS about the following: your application approval, and the invoice for the Initial Fee. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be issued a Sing-Guarantee certificate.


For landlords, do the following:

  • Enter details regarding yourself and your property into the various empty fields. Then, go to the NEXT STEP.

  • Done! If nothing is wrong with your registration, you will have a valid account within 24 hours, and be notified about it via email and SMS..



4. Wait for Your Sing-Guarantee Certificate

Lastly, simply wait for your Sing-Guarantee certificate.

As a tenant, if your registration and payment details are in order, you will receive our Swiss-standard security deposit guarantee via e-mail (in less than 48 hours).

As a landlord, if you are expecting a tenant using Sing-Guarantee, you will receive your prospective tenant’s certificate within the same time frame. The original Sing-Guarantee certificate will be delivered to you by your agent, or a Sing-Guarantee representative for your safe-keeping.

Upon receipt of the certificate, the tenant can move in as soon as they want!

(IMPORTANT: The certificate must be returned to Sing-Guarantee for cancellation upon expiry of the lease agreement.)

Tenants, begin your application here

Landlords, begin your application here



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