6 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Landlord For the Best Rental Deal


6 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Landlord For the Best Rental Deal

Finding a great rental deal in Singapore can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the Singapore rental market. Lucky for you, we’ve picked out the top six must-ask questions you should pose to your landlord before making a decision.

Failing to ask your landlord these crucial questions in the beginning often results in security deposit disputes and a tense relationship with your landlord. Be sure to find out the following and avoid becoming the next Singapore rental horror story.

1. May I Know the Actual Tenant Application Process?

Clarify with your landlord if there are any documents such as background, credit checks, screening fees and more.  This helps set your expectations and negotiate terms beforehand to ensure a seamless move into your property.

2.How Long is the Rental Contract?

Property rental contracts in Singapore are usually between 6 months to 2 years. If you intend to stay in the country longer, it is better to be upfront with your landlord and negotiate for a longer lease or ask if there are any terms for extensions.

Be mindful of any clause that results in automatic lease termination if you break them. In some cases, failure to observe certain clause requirements can result in legal action.

3.Which Utilities Will I Pay for Regularly?

It is important to know what you are paying for besides rent. Utility bills are usually borne by the tenant during the lease period like electricity, water, and Wi-Fi.

Condominiums in Singapore also have monthly maintenance fees which your landlord might include as part of your rental fees. Ensure this is included in the signed tenancy agreement to avoid future misunderstandings.

4.Does the Property Include Furniture?

Bringing your own furniture? An empty apartment might suit your needs. Or you might be looking for a fully furnished condominium or private apartment for a short-term lease.

Whichever your preference, it is good to know if furniture is included so as to ensure your rental price is justified.

5.Who Can I Call for Repairs & Technical Help?

Always ask your landlord for a trusted contact for maintenance or repairs. This can help minimise any potential damage as they would be familiar working on your property and are unlikely to add to the damage.

If you're staying in a private apartment or condominium, get the management office’s contact for issues regarding facilities.

Besides knowing who to call for repairs, find out which repairs your landlord is responsible for and ensure it is included in your tenancy agreement to avoid any disputes.

6.Can We View the Property Before Moving In?

Sometimes, photos and videos can help hide the imperfections of a property. So, it is important to view the property to make sure that you are satisfied.

If you are unable to view the property before moving in, be vigilant in communicating with your landlord. Don’t be shy to ask for more photos and research online for any reviews.
Always investigate the reputation of the property management company that handles your prospective condominium or private apartment.

Bonus: Do You Allow Pets?

If you are moving in with a furry friend in tow, it is important to ask this question. It is usually clarified in their property advertisements but you will find that Singapore landlords are usually split on this subject. Inquire directly with the landlord. Otherwise, you might find an unhappy landlord turning away your pet if you arrive at their doorstep with one.

If they do allow pets, ask your landlord if they restrict certain breeds and/or if they require a pet security deposit. This will avoid any problems with your landlord should your pet cause
any damages to the property.

Time to Move!

Asking these six questions ensures you get off on the right foot with your landlord. It helps smoothen out your rental application process, work out the kinks and get a good feel of your landlord before committing to any lease.

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