Sing-Guarantee Registrationfor Agent

1) Quick and seamless deal flow

When promoting Sing-Guarantee, you not only improve your chances of closing a rental deal quickly but also increase the number of deal flows.

  • The Tenant is happy to save cash and would be more opened to your rental proposals
  • The Landlord does not have to reduce his targeted rental rate to close the deal and he also benefits from legal assistance if any problem arises during the lease.

With Sing-Guarantee Certificate, you have a win-win proposition and will be able to close deals easily!



2) Get Commission from Sing-Guarantee

Regardless of whether you are a Tenant Agent or Landlord Agent, each time you close a rental agreement with Sing-Guarantee Certificate, you will earn a commission.

Competition with your colleagues, multiple offers for the same apartment, co-broking….. NOT easy for an Agent to secure its revenues and get a steady income.

With Sing-Guarantee, you get a significant advantage over your competitors and add revenues to your business – All that at no cost!

3) Increase your credibility

Sing-Guarantee is a service company incorporated and operating in Singapore. The Sing-Guarantee Certificate is an irrevocable guarantee governed under Singapore Law. Each Sing-Guarantee Certificate is fully backed by an equivalent cash amount deposited with the largest Singapore bank (AA-rated) and managed by an independent  Escrow Agent, which is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), to give the Landlord a peace of mind. 

A Sing-Guarantee Certificate is as secured as a cash payment... except that everything is simpler.



Register and become a Sing-Guarantee Partner.



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